It might seem strange, but if you are injured as a Pedestrian hit by a car, then your own Car Insurance, not the insurance for the responsible driver, will pay your Medical Bills up to the amount of your coverage, which is usually $5,000.

That is because Pennsylvania works on a No-Fault system for payment of Medical Bills related to a vehicle accident.

So, regardless of whether an accident is your fault or someone else’s fault or whether you are driving a car, a passenger in a car, or are injured as a bike rider, pedestrian or even a passenger on a bus, your own car insurance pays your Medical Bills.

Although you can purchase much more coverage (and some people have as much as $1 million of Medical Coverage) most people have the state minimum Medical Coverage of $5,000.

There is no such thing as a co-pay or deductible when Car Insurance is paying your Medical Bills. In addition, your Car Insurance company only has to pay a little more than the Medicare rate, which means that your Medical Coverage will last longer than you might expect.

After your Car Insurance Medical Coverage is exhausted, then your Health Insurance has to pay your Medical Bills, but co-pays and deductibles kick in.

I recommend that everyone consider purchasing much more than the state minimum Medical Coverage of $5,000 because increased coverage is inexpensive and can save you a lot of money in terms of deductibles and co-pays that you have to pay once your Car Insurance Medical Coverage is exhausted.

Tim Rayne is a Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyer who helps injured accident victims understand their legal rights and receive fair treatment from insurance companies. You can contact Tim for a Free Consultation concerning your accident claims at 610-840-0124 or or learn more on his website


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