Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Accident
Three Things to do After a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Accident

If you’ve been injured in a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall accident, there are three things you should do immediately to protect your legal rights.  As a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Lawyer, I can tell you that the three things you should do are:  take photos of the condition that caused the fall, report the slip and fall accident to the property owner and get medical treatment for your injuries.

Take Photos of the Condition that Caused the Fall

It’s crucial to take photos of the condition that caused the fall in order to preserve the evidence.  The central issue in any Slip and Fall case is what was the defective and dangerous condition that caused the fall and why didn’t you see and avoid it.  The best evidence proving the condition is a photo.  As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  If you don’t take a photo of the condition, it can become a battle between you and the property owner regarding the actual condition of the property.   As a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Lawyer, I’v seen that fight many times and always wished that my client had pulled out the phone and taken a photo.   You can minimize the controversy if you have the presence of mind to snap some  photos and/or shoot video with your phone.

Report the Slip and Fall Accident to the Property Owner

The second thing you should do is to report the Slip and Fall accident to the property owner.  You need to document that the accident happened so you cannot be accused of making the incident up.  You should insist that the owner take down a full report of the incident and you should ask for a copy of the report.  If the property owner won’t provide you with a copy, you should at least take down the name and contact information of the person to whom you reported the accident.

Get Immediate Medical Treatment

As a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall lawyer, I can tell you that the third thing you need to do after a Slip and Fall accident is to obtain immediate medical treatment.  It’s important to get treatment for medical reasons, but you must also document your injuries for any potential legal action.  If you don’t obtain medical treatment, you can be sure that the insurance company for the property owner will claim that you must not have been injured in the fall.

Tim Rayne is a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Lawyer who helps Slip and Fall accident victims receive fair compensation from insurance companies.  Tim has extensive experience in settling Personal Injury claims with insurance companies and trying cases in court in Pennsylvania.  Tim is Board Certified in Trial Advocay and has a Masters Degree in Trial Advocay.  Super Lawyers Magazine has named Tim Rayne one of the Top 100 Lawyers in Philadlephia and Pennsylvania.  Tim takes pride in educating his Pennsylvania Slip and Fall clients on their legal rights and fighting for fair compensation.

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