Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer Tim Rayne answers the question:  If you trip and fall on a sidewalk in Pennsylvania do you have a legal claim and a right to be compensated for any injuries you sustain?

Sidewalk Trip and Fall Accidents

Whether you have a legal claim after tripping and falling on a sidewalk depends on how significant the defect on the sidewalk was and the circumstances of your fall.  If the defect was “trivial,” meaning very minor, the property owner can argue that it was not something that needed to be fixed.  Property owners have a duty of reasonable care and to eliminate unreasonably dangerous conditions.  They don’t have an obligation to make the property flawless.

If the defect was substantial, the property owner can defend the claim by arguing that you should have seen and avoided it.

So, as you can see, Trip and Fall on Sidewalk Cases can be challenging ones to win in Pennsylvania.

Nevertheless, if you suffer serious injuries in a Trip and Fall on a Sidewalk, you should report the incident to the property owner, take photos and video of the condition, get medical treatment for your injuries and seek legal advice from an experienced Injury Lawyer.

Luckily most property owners will have insurance coverage to pay for your claim so any compensation you are entitled to will come from insurance rather than the assets of the property owner.

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