What to do Right Away If You Fall and are Injured?

Report the Incident

If you are injured in a Slip or Trip and Fall accident in Pennsylvania, it’s important that you report the accident immediately to the property owner.

If you do not report it, an argument can be made later that you are lying about falling.  However, if you report the accident right away, it’s more difficult for the property owner to deny that the accident happened.

So, if you fall in a store, ask for a manager and insist that they write up a report and give you a copy.  If you fall in a garage or parking lot, report it to the attendant or look for a sign with a phone number to call.  If you fall on a sidewalk, photograph the condition including the building so you have proof of the location and then reach out to the property owner as soon as possible.

Med Pay Coverage

Documenting your accident may make you eligible for payment of any out-of-pocket medical bills even if you cannot prove that the fall was caused by negligence of the property owner or you decide that you don’t want to make a legal claim.  Most property owners have something called Med Pay Coverage which will pay out-of-pocket medical bills for accidents that occur on their property, regardless of who was at fault for causing the accident.

Make Sure Video is Preserved

In addition to reporting the Fall, you should Demand that the property owner preserve all security video for the entire day of your fall.

Your demand for video preservation should be in writing so that you have proof of the request.

Why Demand that the video be preserved?  Security video may show your accident.  It also may show the dangerous condition being created before your fall and/or the lack of any inspection or maintenance of the area by the property owner.  This is important evidence to preserve that may help you win your legal case if you are seriously injured and decide that you want to present a claim.

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