Hi. My name is Tim Rayne, and I’m a Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Attorney. Today’s legal tip is five things to do if you’ve been injured in a slip or trip and fall.

Number one — photograph the condition that caused you to fall. It’s extremely important that you immediately document the condition that caused your fall, whether it’s something on the floor, whether it’s snow, or ice; whether it’s another type of defective condition. It’s of critical importance that you take a photograph.

Fortunately nowadays, most of us carry a cellphone or some other type of device that has a camera on it. Use that, and immediately take a photograph of the condition that caused you to fall, because it will be extremely important evidence to use in the event that you have a legal case.

Number two — identify any witnesses to the fall and get their contact information. Again, this is very important. You need the contact information of anyone who saw you fall, and/or witnessed the condition that caused you to fall. Get that information immediately before they leave the scene of the accident.

Number three — be sure to notify immediately the property owner or business owner of the place where your fall occurred. It’s important that the property owner be notified so that there can’t be any argument later that you didn’t fall, or you fell somewhere else, or you’re making this up. It’s important that you notify the property owner or business owner immediately.

Number four — get immediate medical treatment. If you’ve been injured in a fall, it’s important that you document your injuries, and it’s important that you get medical treatment immediately. If you don’t do that, that will allow the insurance company to argue that maybe you weren’t hurt at all, or maybe you got hurt somewhere after this fall occurred. So, you need to get immediate medical treatment.

Number five — contact and consult with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney. It’s important that as soon as possible after the accident, you locate and talk to an experienced Personal Injury Attorney who handles these types of cases. There are many mistakes that you can make unknowingly that will hurt your claim, if you don’t seek immediate advice. So, it’s important that you find and talk to an experienced Personal Injury Attorney as soon as possible.

So, those are the five things that I recommend that you do after a slip or trip and fall accident. And my name is Tim Rayne. I’m a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions. I can be reached by phone 610 840 0124 or email trayne@macelree.com.  Thank you.

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