Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer Tim Rayne talks about how Pennsylvania Law does the Impossible – Value a Human Life in a Wrongful Death Case.

When someone dies in an accident in Pennsylvania caused by someone else’s Negligence, the family of deceased person can bring a Wrongful Death Claim seeking fair compensation.

The Executor or Administrator of the Estate has the legal right to bring a Wrongful Death claim and the beneficiaries of the Estate and certain family members like Parents, Spouse and Children, are entitled to the proceeds of the claim.

Each case is different, but there are generally three categories of compensation due:  1- the Economic Lost Earnings of the Decedent minus what it would have cost for personal maintenance; 2- Compensation to make up for the value of support and guidance for Parents, Spouse and Children; and 3- Compensation for any conscious Pain and Suffering of the deceased person.

For more information about Legal Claims arising out of a Wrongful Death in Pennsylvania, Contact Tim Rayne at 610-840-0124 or  For over 25 years, Tim Rayne has been helping families understand their legal rights and win fair compensation after losing a loved one in an accident.  Tim is a Partner at the Chester County based law firm MacElree Harvey.

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