A Texas Jury awarded a Verdict totaling nearly $50 Million after a Defamation Trial against conspiracy theorist and personality Alex Jones who claimed that the Sandy Hook School Massacre was a government-staged hoax designed to take away Second Amendment right to own guns.

The parents of a 6 year old victim of the Sandy Hook Shooting had sued Alex Jones for $150 Million after he told followers on his website and his Infowars broadcast that the shooting was staged to push an anti-gun agenda. The parents alleged that they were repeated harassed by Jones’ followers who claimed that they were lying about the death of their son. In reality, the Sandy Hook shooting was the second-deadliest shoot shooting in which 20 six and seven year olds along with 6 adults were shot and killed.

Over the last decade, Jones has built a media empire based in Texas with reported 2021 income of nearly $62 Million but this lawsuit and others threaten to put him out of business.

In the middle of this Texas Trial, Jones attempted to stay the trial by filing for Bankruptcy but his efforts were unsuccessful.

The Jury Verdict came in two parts, $4.1 million in Compensatory Damages designed to make up for the damages and emotional distress suffered by the parents and $45.2 Million in Punitive Damages designed to punish Jones and deter him from engaging in this outrageous conduct in the future.

Coming on the heels of the Johnny Depp/Amber Herd Defamation Trial, this is another high profile Defamation Trial and Verdict. Like the Johnny Depp Verdict, the question remains as to whether the Verdict will stand and be paid.

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