As a Trial Lawyer it really annoys me when people who don’t know the true facts about the McDonalds Coffee Case talk about “that lady who spilled coffee on herself and won a Million Dollars.”

It’s been almost 25 years since 79 year old Stella Leibeck bought coffee at a McDonalds drive-thru and suffered second and third degree burns when the coffee spilled in her lap as she was adding cream and sugar.

After being hospitalized for 8 days, enduring skin graft surgery and incurring over $11,000 in medical bills, Stella offered to settle with McDonalds for $20,000, but McDonalds offered only $800.

During the trial for Gross Negligence, the Jury heard the following facts:

*  McDonalds enforced a company policy of serving coffee at 185 degrees;

*  Coffee at home is served at around 140 degrees;

*  Coffee at 185 degrees is unfit for consumption because it will cause third degree burns to the mouth and throat within 2 to 3 seconds of exposure;

*From 1982 to 1992, McDonalds received over 700 complaints of coffee burns, many including third degree burns;

*Depsite these complaints, McDonalds had no intention of reducing the temperature of its coffee.

After the Trial, the Jury found McDonalds 80% responsible and Stella 20% responsible for her injuries.  They awarded her $200,000 in compensatory damages.

In order to punish McDonalds and deter it from hurting more people with its dangerously hot coffee, the Jury also awarded Stella $2.7 million in Punitive Damages, which added up to exactly 2 days worth of McDonalds coffee sales.

After trial, the Judge reduced the verdict from nearly $3 Million to $640,000 and the case was settled without an appeal.

After the case, McDonalds changed its company policy to reduce the temperature of its coffee and prevent injuries.

Rather than being a symbol of what’s wrong with our legal system, I think the McDonalds Coffee Case was exactly the opposite.  It was a case in which an injured individual stood up to a giant corporation that created a danger to all of its customers and taught the corporation a lesson.  At the same time, Stella and her lawyers helped make the world a little safer.

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