Former President Trump was hammered with a $5 Million Verdict in his Civil Rape and Defamation Trial in New York. Why? What happened?

First this was a Civil Trial, not a Criminal Trial. So, the Burden of Proof and the stakes were lower. The claim only had to be proven by a Preponderance of the Evidence (51 Percent), not Beyond a Reasonable Doubt and Trump is only losing money (if his Appeal is unsuccessful), he’s not going to Jail.

Also, the Jury did not find him Liable for Rape, only Sexual Battery and Defamation.

In my opinion, here are the factors that led to the Verdict:

  • The Plaintiff’s testimony was compelling and Trump did not testify in his own defense or even appear for the Trial
  • The Plaintiff presented testimony from two other Trump sexual assault “victims”
  • The Plaintiff had two of her friends testify that she told them of the Trump assault shortly after it occurred
  • The Access Hollywood “Hot Mic” tape was played in which Trump bragged that because he was rich and famous he could just start kissing women without permission and “could grab just them by the P$%&Y”
  • In Trump’s deposition, he defended what he said on the Hot Mic by saying “fortunately or unfortunately” that’s the way it has been with rich and famous people for millions of years.

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