Bill Cosby is back in the news – bigtime.  But it’s not for his comedy, his iconic Sitcom The Cosby Show, his charity work or his support of Temple University.   Instead, Bill Cosby is all over the news again because of the shocking drugging and sexual assault claims being asserted against him by dozens of women.

Most recently, the Cosby headlines originated from Philadelphia Federal Judge Eduardo Robreno’s decision to unseal Cosby’s deposition testimony in the 2005 Philadelphia sexual assault lawsuit of Constand v. Cosby.  The depositions testimony contains staggering admissions by Cosby that he  obtainined drugs and used them with young women whom he was targeting for sex.

This shocking admission corroborates what dozens of women have been saying for years, namely that Cosby posed as a mentor or father figure but then drugged them and forced them into performing various sexual acts.  Many of the victims have never sought justice, but a few have.

Last year, multiple alleged victims filed Defamation claims against Cosby because sexual assault claims were time barred by the Statute of Limitations.  The Defamation claims alleged that Cosby’s denials of their claims as well as Cosby’s character assassination addressed at them constituted Defamation and caused them injury.

Ironically, Cosby’s own deposition testimony in the Constand v. Cosby case is likely to help the Defamation plaintiffs in their cases against him by providing proof that their claims against Cosby were TRUE, not fabricated, because Cosby himself admitted to obtaining drugs to give to young women he was targeting for sex.

As a Pennsylvania Personal Injury attorney who helps injured victims, including victims of sexual assault, I hope that the Defamation plaintiffs are able to get some measure of justice and that Bill Cosby is forced to atone for his behavior.

Tim Rayne is a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney with law offices in Kennett Square and West Chester, Pennsylvania.  Tim helps clients with all types of Personal Injury Claims, including sexual assault.  Tim can be contacted at 610 840 0124 or or you can check out Tim’s website at  

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