Usually it’s difficult, if not impossible, to be successful in pursuing a Civil Lawsuit against the perpetrator of a Murder or Assault, but the case of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez is an exception.

In Pennylvania and other states, the perpetrator of a Murder can be sued for Wrongful Death by the victim’s family. The compensation to the family includes the money the person would have earned, compensation for lost contributions, medical bills, pain and suffering of the deceased and other items. Victims of a criminal Assualt can also file a Civil Lawsuit in Pennsylvania and other states for compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

Nevertheless, it’s usually a waste of time and money to pursue these compensation claims since neither Murder or Assault are covered by insurance. Since they are intentional criminal acts, any insurance coverage of the perpetrator is excluded. This means that the only avenue of recovery for the victim or victim’s family in a Civil Lawsuit is personal assets.

Aaron Hernandez has been convicted of an execution-style murder and has been accused of another double shooting Murder. In addition, Hernandez is accused of shooting a friend in the eye after a night club argument. The Murder victims’ families have sued for Wrongful Death and the Assault victim has also sued for compensation.

Although any insurance Hernandez has will be excluded, he made millions in the NFL which should be available to compensate the families if Hernandez is found liable for the Murders and Assault.

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