Can You Sue a Dead Person in Pennsylvania?

In this video, Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer Tim Rayne explains the rules concerning suing Dead People in Pennsylvania.

Legally, a Dead Person no longer exists under Pennsylvania Law, so the act of suing a Dead Person is useless.

Nevertheless, there is a way to make a legal claim against a Dead Person for something they did wrong during their lifetime, like, for example, causing a Car Accident that injured you.

In order to sue the Dead Person, someone, either you or the Dead Person’s heirs, needs to open and Estate and have an Executor or Administrator appointed to represent the Estate and manage the affairs of the Dead Person.  Although this is commonly done in order to allow litigation against the Dead Person, this procedure cannot be done very quickly so it’s important not to wait until the time limit for suing is about to run before finding out the Defendant is dead.

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