Dog Bites5 Important Things to Do After being Injured in a Dog Bite or Dog Attack:  1- Photograph the Injuries; 2- Call the Police and the Health Department; 3- Identify and Notify the Dog Owner; 4- Get Medical Treatment; and 5- Contact an Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer to protect your legal rights.

Pennsylvania Dog owners have a legal obligation to restrain and control their dogs to prevent Dog Attacks and Dog Bites.  If they don’t and injuries result, they are legally liable. Pennsylvania’s Dog Law and Negligence rules provide that victims of dog attacks and dog bite injuries can pursue legal claims against the dog owners for compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and scarring and disfigurement.

Tim Rayne is a Pennsylvania Dog Bite Attorney who helps victims of Dog Bites to understand their legal rights and receive fair treatment after a dog attack that causes serious injuries.

Victims of Dog Bites have many questions:  Should I call the police?  Who will pay my medical bills?  What happens if I can’t work?  Am I going to have permanent scarring that will impact my life?  Is the dog owner legally responsible for my injuries?  Should I talk to the insurance adjuster?  Do I need to hire an attorney or can I handle the claim myself? How much compensation am I entitled to for my Pennsylvania Dog Bite?

If you’ve been injured by a Dog Bite, you may be entitled to money compensation for your injuries and financial harm.  You may not need to hire an attorney, but you should get advice from an Experienced Pennsylvania Dog Bite Lawyer.

Tim Rayne focuses his entire law practice in Personal Injury Law and has been helping people who have been injured in Dog Bite attacks receive fair treatment and compensation from insurance companies for over 25 years.

You can contact Tim by phone (610.840.0124) or email to discuss how Tim can help you or click here to download a Free Copy of his Consumer Guide, “A Lawyer’s Guide to Personal Injury Cases.”

Tim offers free consultations for Pennsylvania Dog Bite cases at his law offices in Kennett Square or West Chester, Pennsylvania, will travel to your home or any other convenient location or will meet with you virtually via Zoom or FaceTime.

If Tim accepts your Dog Bite case, he works on a Contingent Fee Basis, meaning that there are no up front fees or expenses.  No attorney fees or costs are paid unless Tim recovers compensation for you and, in the event of a recovery, case costs and fees are paid out of the recovery, not by you directly.

We represent Dog Bite Victims in Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Berks County, Lancaster County, and Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, and regularly assist people in West Chester, Kennett Square, Southern Chester County, Unionville, Avondale, Toughkenamon, West Grove, Jennersville, Landenberg, and Oxford Pennsylvania.