If you’ve been injured in an accident, like a car accident, slip and fall or medical malpractice incident, you should contact a Chester County Personal Injury Attorney for advice on your legal rights.

You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  You may not need to hire an attorney, but you should get advice from an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney as soon as possible.

Tim Rayne focuses his law practice in Personal Injury Law and has been helping people who have been injured in accidents receive fair treatment and compensation for more than 20 years.  Tim has offices in both Kennett Square and West Chester and also meets with clients at their homes or any other convenient location.

You can contact Tim by phone (610.840.0124) or email to discuss how Tim can help you or click here to download a Free Copy of his Consumer Guide, “A Lawyer’s Guide to Personal Injury Cases.”

Check Out Testimonials about Tim Rayne:

…From the initial meeting and throughout the entire year-long process, your professionalism, timely responsiveness and helpful counsel have been nothing short of exceptional on a topic that I was very sensitive about… You have enhanced my perception of the true value an attorney of your character provides in a legitimate personal injury… that could have been prevented.
~ John

Even though my case may seem small, it was a big deal to me and Tim’s empathy, understanding and patience has made me realize that no matter how grand or small a case may be, he treats his clients equally well.
~ Traci

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Chester County has a population of 498,886 residents and it is the highest-income county in Pennsylvania and 24th highest in the nation. The county seat is West Chester. Chester County is home to many communities that comprise the Main Line western suburbs of Philadelphia, while part of its southernmost portion is considered suburban Wilmington, Delaware.

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