If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a medical mistake by a hospital, doctor, nurse or other medical provider you may need the advice of a Chester County Medical Malpractice Lawyer.

Medical Malpractice results when a medical provider fails to provide care consistent with the Standard of Care in the medical community and someone is injured or dies as a result of the incident.  Malpractice can be committed by any medical professional and often the patient will not be able to determine whether the bad result was due to a recognized complication of the medical procedure or was the result of Malpractice which would lead to potential legal claims for compensation.

Tim Rayne is a Chester County Medical Malpractice Lawyer who has been advising clients regarding possible Malpractice claims for over 20 years.  Tim offers Free Consultations in his Kennett Square and West Chester offices, but also will meet with potential clients at their homes or any other convenient location.

Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice cases require an Expert Review and execution of a Certificate of Merit attesting that the someone in the same specialty as the potential defendant likely deviated from the Standard of Care and caused injury to the patient.

Tim has extensive contacts throughout the Philadelphia area to have Medical Malpractice cases reviewed by experts and to move forward with litigation, if appropriate, so that the victim will receive fair compensation.

To contact Tim Rayne to schedule a Free Consultation email him at trayne@macelree.com or call him at 610 840 0124.

Medical Malpractice in Pennsylvania

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