Car Accident Lawyer West Chester

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in West Chester Pennsylvania, you should contact a Car Accident Lawyer as soon as possible.  An experienced lawyer will offer a Free Consultation and advise you on your legal rights and the insurance claim process.

Many questions arise after a car accident:  Should I call my insurance company?  Should I talk to the insurance adjuster for the other driver?  How do I get my car fixed or replaced?  Who pays my medical bills after a car crash?  Who pays my lost wages?  Do I need a lawyer or can I handle the claim myself?

Tim Rayne is a West Chester Car Accident Lawyer who has been helping victims of Pennsylvania car accidents understand their legal rights and receive fair compensation from insurance companies for over 20 years.  Tim has offices in West Chester and Kennett Square and also meets with clients at their homes or any other convenient location.

Tim handles all of his car accident cases personally and makes it his mission to educate his clients on the law, the insurance claim and the litigation process. Tim has a 20 year track record of settling cases with insurance companies, but he’s also Board Certified in Civil Trial Advocacy and regularly tries Car Accident and Personal Injury cases.

Contact Tim at 610 840 0124 or for a Free Consultation.  For more information, check out the free consumer guides, articles and videos on this website.

Car Accident Lawyer West Chester
Tim Rayne West Chester Car Accident Lawyer