In today’s video, we’re answering the question, who has the right to bring wrongful death lawsuits in Pennsylvania? If someone dies in Pennsylvania due to negligence or even due to violence, the surviving heirs or family have the right to bring what’s called a wrongful death lawsuit to recover compensation against the person responsible for causing the death.

However, there are specific rules about who has the right to pursue a wrongful death case. During the first six months after death, the only one who can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in Pennsylvania is either the executor or executrix of the estate if the person died with a will and had one appointed or the administrator of the estate, somebody appointed by the court to administer the estate.

After six months go by, if nobody has filed a wrongful death lawsuit, then anyone entitled to the proceeds of the estate, which is usually the spouse, or surviving children, or surviving parents, they all have the right to move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit.

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