When you hire a personal injury attorney. They should personally manage your lawsuit from beginning to end. Unlike other lawyers, I don’t handle rely on paralegals and secretaries to do most of the work or handle hundreds of suits. Instead, I carefully select all of my cases, so I can personally manage them myself.

He is my process for handling an injury claim:


• Initial client call
• Initial client meeting (interview client, photograph injuries and obtain documents from client)
• Visit and photograph accident scene
• Locate and interview witnesses
• Review insurance policies
• Research legal issues
• Identify target defendants and define legal theories
• Communicate with defendant’s insurance company
• Gather medical records and bills as well as lost wage information
• Obtain doctor reports and reports from other experts
• Prepare comprehensive settlement demand package to send to defendant’s insurance company
• Negotiate settlement or advise client to file a Lawsuit
• If case is settled, negotiate reduction of medical bills and other liens on settlement proceeds


• Draft and file the Lawsuit
• Draft written discovery requests to defendant
• Answer defendant’s written discovery requests
• Prepare client for deposition
• Attend client’s deposition
• Prepare for and take depositions of defendant and other witnesses
• Prepare client for and attend Defense Medical Exam
• Work with experts to prepare expert reports
• Attempt to settle case with defense attorney
• Attend mediation
• Attend settlement conference with judge
• Prepare for trial – prepare jury instructions and verdict slip
• Try the case before a judge or jury
• Analyze verdict
• Advise client on appeal issues and handle appeal

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