Just because a slip-and-fall accident happens on a property, that doesn’t mean that the property owner is necessarily liable to pay compensation to the injured person. Instead, it’s the obligation of the injured person to prove that the property owner was negligent.

The way that’s done is that the injured person has to prove that a danger condition existed on the property that was either created by the owner of the property or that existed for such a period of time that the owner of the property should have noticed and taken care of the dangerous condition.

This legal concept is called notice. In order to have negligence and liability, the injured person has to prove notice either through the owner having created the problem or for the problem to have existed for such a time period that the owner should have corrected it.

<>Just because there’s a slip-and-fall doesn’t mean there there’s a legal case. More investigation needs to be done in order to determine that.

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